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The average water usage in Torrington is 6,000 gallons per month, which is a "6" on the utility bill under "Water Usage". The sewer rate will not change until the bill is mailed at the end of March when the sewer rate will reflect the new sewer rate for the year.

If you should have a water leak during the months of December, January or February monitoring period, notify City Hall and correct the leak. The staff will then check your account and if possible adjust your usage rate lower. By ordinance: The lowest adjustment is 5.

Sewer rate is calculated on the average gallons of water used December, January and February water reads.
MINIMUM: (Based on 3000 gallons)
BASE RATE: $14.00
PER 1000 Gal. $2.51 x 3 = $7.53
Minimum Sewer Charge: $21.53

EXAMPLE: Water read December: 6
Water read January: 8
Water read February: 9
AVERAGE: 8 Takes effect on Utility bill mailed the last working day in March:
8 x 2.51 = $20.08 +
$14.00 Base Rate =
$34.08 monthly sewer rate for the year