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Because Law Enforcement must meet standards set by the state statute, a separate law enforcement application process shall be followed by the police department. Click here to apply for law enforcement positions:

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


Applications for City job openings:

1.    Applications for city employment may be picked up at city hall or any other appropriate location.

2.    No one will be denied the opportunity to submit an application.

3.    Applicants should be reminded that failure to complete or fraudulent completion of the application may result in their application being denied.


1.    Applicants are requested to submit a resume with their completed application.

2.    A resume outline will be provided. click here for resume outline

The City Clerk/Treasurer will keep all applications on file for 12 months.

You may request an application by telephone (307-532-5666), mail (P.O. Box 250) or e-mail by contacting Torrington City Hall or download an application.

Employment Positions Available at this time:

Seasonal Summer Employment

Accounting Clerk

Water - Wastewater Operator

Airport Manager

See below attachments for Job Descriptions