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Variance or Conditional Use Permit

  1. Please return completed application to:

    City of Torrington Engineering Department
    P.O. Box 250
    436 E 22nd Avenue
    Torrington, WY 82240
    Phone: 307-532-4213

    A list complete with current mailing addresses of the owners/occupants of all adjacent property within 150-foot plat must be submitted along with this application form.

    A filing fee of $300 shall accompany the application when submitted. Any required additional advertising fees shall be paid by the applicant.

  2. Questions to Be Filled out by Applicant

  3. Give change of distance from required code setbacks from front, side, or rear property lines, or extra square footage covered of lot more than allowed by code. Or explain the change of use applicant is requesting.

  4. Will strict application of zoning regulations prohibit uses already existing due to:

  5. Explain.

  6. Explain.

  7. Explain.

  8. Explain.

  9. Explain.

  10. Explain.

  11. Explain.

  12. Explain.

  13. Explain.

  14. Filing Fee Paid $300 Due upon Submittal of Application

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