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Fence Permit

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  9. This permit becomes null and void if work or construction authorized is not commenced within 180 days, or if work is or construction is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days at any time after work is commenced. I hereby certify that I have read and examined this application and all information give is true and correct. All provisions of laws and ordinances governing this type of work shall be complied with whether specified herein or not, the granting of this permit does not presume or give authority to violate or cancel the provisions of any state law or local laws regulating construction or the performance of construction.

  10. City of Torrington Fence Regulations

    Section 18.96.030. - Fences
    Except as specifically provided in other codes and regulations, the following regulations shall apply to the construction of fences (the building code does require a building permit for fence construction).

    • No fence shall be constructed which will constitute a traffic hazard.
    • No fence shall be constructed in such a manner or be of such design as to be hazardous or dangerous to persons or animals.
    • No person shall erect or maintain any fence which will materially damage the adjacent property by obstructing the view, shutting out the sunlight or hindering ventilation or which fence shall adversely affect the public health, safety or welfare.
    • No fence, except fences erected upon public or parochial school grounds or in public parks or playgrounds, shall be constructed to a height greater than three feet in the front yard, except an open mesh-wire fence may be of a height no greater than four feet, or six feet in any other yard; provided, however, that the board of adjustment may, by conditional use permit, authorize the construction of a fence higher than six feet if the board finds the public welfare is preserved.
    • All fences shall conform to the construction standards of the building code, if any.

    (Prior code, § 18-218.3; Ordinance 590, § 2, 1979)

    Submittal Process
    Completed permits can be submitted at Torrington City Hall between the hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    Faxed to 307-532-2010, Attn: Building Department; or email, with payments being made over the phone by calling City Hall at 307-532-5666.

    Your permit is not valid until after approval from the Torrington Building Department. You can contact the building department with any questions you may have prior to submitting the permit.

  11. Contact

    Dennis Estes
    Building/Fire Official
    Email Dennis Estes

    436 E 22nd Avenue
    P.O. Box 250
    Torrington, WY 82240

    Phone: 307-532-4213
    Fax: 607-532-2010

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