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Public Records Request

  1. City of Torrington
  2. PO Box 250

    436 East 22nd Avenue

    Torrington, WY 82240


    Lynette Strecker, Clerk/Treasurer & Public Records Officer

  3. Public Records Request

  4. Wyoming State Statute 16-4-202; City Ordinance 03-04-110

    $25.00 Non-Refundable Administration Fee (Administrative fee covers processing of the request, up to 30 minutes of research or duplication and up to 10 pages of printed records.)

    Printed records in excess of included 10 pages will be billed at $0.25 per each additional page.

    Records requests that require more than the included 30 minutes of staff time for processing or research will be billed at the actual cost of per-hour staff time.

    Additional costs (electronic transfer, shipping, etc.) will be billed on an actual cost basis.

  5. Requestor Information:
  6. Requests for records may take up to 7 business days to process
  7. Please provide a detailed description of what you are requesting including dates, type of record, etc.

  8. If this public records request is associated with the Torrington Police Department please answer the following (if applicable):

  9. If your records request is denied by a Records Custodian, in whole or in part, you may have the right to appeal through the court process.  Please refer to Wyoming Statute 16-4-201 for additional information about your rights and responsibilities.

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