Code Enforcement

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The main objective of a Code Enforcement officer is to help maintain the beauty and health of the city. This is done by enforcing City ordinances. An ordinance has to be read three times and approved by the city council to become a law. Once this is done any police officer or code officer can enforce it. The most common codes enforced are:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Animal ordinances
  • Filthy premise
  • Sight triangle
  • Snow removal
  • Tree growth over signs and in alleys
  • Watering restrictions
  • Weed growth

City Ordinances

All City ordinances are available online, City Hall or the Police Department. Complaints can be called into police dispatch at 307-532-7001. When a complaint is received it will be followed up on as soon as possible. Although the officers patrol the City, problem areas can be addressed more quickly when someone calls in a violation and although you will be asked your name it is not given to the property owners of the violation.

Let's work together to keep Torrington a clean and safe place to live.

Recreational VehicleNew City Recreational Vehicle (RV) Ordinance

View and download the new RV Ordinance (PDF).