Building Permit Information

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Please Note

Informational Bulletins should not be used as substitutes for actual codes and regulations. Detailed information regarding codes and regulations can be obtained by calling the Code Administration Division at 307-532-4213. The City of Torrington does not have "Home Rule" as defined by state statute. Please be aware that some projects will have to be reviewed by the Wyoming Department of Electrical Safety.

This bulletin is designed to help you through the permit process. It provides general information on how to apply for your building permit, what fees are required, how long the process is likely to take, and when inspections must be obtained. A building permit is required to perform work on most buildings or structures within the city. Some examples include new construction, additions, building a garage or deck, fence, or changing the use of a building.

Applying for a Building Permit

  1. Submit two complete sets of plans and specifications. Two sets are required for projects. Plans must be drawn to scale and must meet the general standards for plans and drawings set by the City. The plans must at least show the following information. (When Applicable) Site plan of the entire lot, including dimensions, building footprint, decks, overhangs and projections, off-street parking, and drainage. Footing and foundation plan. Framing plan with information on all manufactured components. Floor plan of each floor. Exterior building elevations. Wall sections and details. Plumbing, and mechanical layouts (optional for one and two family dwellings). Other information as needed to show compliance with codes.
  2. Complete a building permit application. Applications ask for information about the owner and contractor, the property, the prospective building to be constructed and the estimated valuation of the work. Applications are available at 436 East 22nd Avenue, or by mail by calling 307-532-4213, or on the City website.
  3. Your plans are reviewed. Plans are checked for compliance with all city codes and regulations including building and zoning codes. By City Code the time required for plan review will be no more than seven working days, if the plans are complete. Complex projects could take longer depending on certain conditions. You may be asked to resubmit corrected plans or additional information. If no corrections are required your plan will be approved.
  4. Pay the permit fees. You will be notified when your application is approved. Construction cannot begin until the permit is paid. Fees are based on the estimated valuation of the work, so the more extensive the work, the more the permit will cost. Contact the Code Administration Division for a complete schedule of fees. You will receive an inspection record card to be posted in a readily visible location at the job site.
  5. Call for all required inspections. All work that requires a permit must be inspected. You must call at least one working day before you need the inspection, and the area to be inspected must be accessible and visible. Mandatory inspections include foundation, concrete or under-floor, structural framing, plumbing, wall coverings, and final inspection.
  6. Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. You must have a Certificate of Occupancy before occupying the building. Certificates are available at no additional cost after successfully completing the final inspection.